SOLID Offices




Surrounded by an urban garden, on the first floor of a relatively indifferent building in the center of Faros Psychikou, SOLID established their offices making their own aesthetic statement in the North suburbs of Athens.

Located on the busiest avenue of Athens, the architecture of their offices investigates the correlation between privacy and extroversion through proper space allocation in conjunction with a beautiful unexpected urban garden. Major part of this synthesis play the industrial-style, hand-made steel windows that allow sunlight to reach every inch of the interior as well as artfully frame the exterior views.

The demolition of the interior was fruitful as it revealed concrete structures full of character allowing the owners to maintain them creating the sense of memories and to emphasize the industrial design.

Hand-made ceramic bricks collected from old demolitions, marble, wood, traditional cement coating, leather, steel and copper… A discontinuity and a contradiction of elements and materials, used to diversify the spaces and to finally create a unified and unique space that summarizes the professional capability of SOLID as well as its love for quality of living.

Industrial aesthetics, with the use of materials in their primary form and their natural hue, manage to successfully shape its own identity and offer a sense of warmth and familiarity.

The heart of the office is the living room, which is defined by linear indirect lighting, hidden inside long I-beams placed on the concrete ceiling. Protagonist role plays the fireplace made out of black steel sheets welcoming everyone who steps in the office. Innovation takes form in the ceilings of the executive offices by placing one-by-one black steel pieces like a puzzle, forming a one-of-a-kind Herringbone motif. Aged massif oak strips and beams in their natural form, comprise the ceilings of the kitchen and meeting room, increasing slightly the temperature of the “cold” industrial style.The sliding dividers, hand-made out of steel frames and glass, provide privacy as well as the sense of an open plan and sunbathed space.

All the furniture is designed and custom-made, with acquired taste, to meet the exact needs of the space in which they are placed. The meeting room wall is decorated with metallic shelves used to display different specimens and materials. Similarly, the shelves in the executive offices share their metal composition with wood, to assembly a book case which is also used to give a home to their personal collection of retro items and music records.

Copper, inspired by SOLID’s corporate branding, is distinctively incorporated in the lighting fixtures ceilings and kitchen counter, contributing in the sense of warmth that describes it. Sophisticated toggle switches, hand-made door handles and other decorative features are the finishing touches that successfully complete this memorable design process.

Here you will find proof that it is not the materials used that really matter. It is the way with which they are handled that accentuates the philosophy and the aesthetics behind an architectural design.

Finally, this simple, yet peculiar “vocabulary” of materials and architectural design perfectly describe the mentality, beliefs and capability of SOLID.