In an environment where people are the protagonists, how does the space take on a starring role without stealing the show?

Placing emphasis on experience was of paramount importance. NIKIRA wanted to reformulate the classic definition of a hair salon, offering visitors hours of pure, personal well-being. SOLID focuses on bridging all requirements and demands that arise, producing the best possible aesthetic result.

The space is fully integrated in its environment, and this is achieved through absolute internal and external visibility: the mirrors on the façade are framed with strips of narrow black sheet metal supported by copper pipes that in no way obscure the view. The industrial aura of the design is upheld through the use of materials such as copper, concrete and sheet metal that are putty in the hands of SOLID, which successfully accommodates every aspect of functionality down to the smallest detail, such as the handmade copper hooks where handbags are hung. Moreover, the interior affords a feeling of freedom, with the ceiling painted in a satin finish veneer so as to reflect the copper elements to their best advantage. The black sheet metal is handled with extreme delicacy, its volume and weight disappearing under the careful supervision of SOLID. Furthermore, the bar is arrow-shaped and the mirrors seemingly hover over the floor – an exceedingly theatrical effect.

The constructors and designers of the space are characterised by their ability to conceive the most creative and aesthetic solutions for every detail, particularly those that require careful handling: the forged concrete, the recesses in the walls and even the placement of the cables require patience and perseverance to take on their final form.

Finally, a main objective of such a space is the successful installation of the light fixtures, as the colour of the hair dye must look the same in natural light as it does in the salon. SOLID opts for a lighting company awarded the Nobel Prize for Innovation: excellent quality is always non-negotiable.



Photo credits: Vangelis Paterakis