Dr. Pharmacy ~ Chalandri




The green cross at the entrance is reflected in the interior, leaving no doubt that the bank previously occupying the space is gone forever. In its place, we find a “new generation” pharmacy. Innovation and classical values work in concert, while the handcrafted concept is served with passion and a modern disposition.

Several different types of marble dominate, playing a prominent role in the seven-metre long counter, which is characterised by the seemingly random placement of marble strips that were, in actuality, installed with precision. Moreover, the formation of the wall would be incomplete had human hands not assembled the drawers, disassembled and then mounted them again, so as to ensure the uninterrupted continuity of the solid Afromosia (African Teak) wood. After all, SOLID firmly upholds the words of one of the greatest artists of all time, the preeminent tamer of marble, Michelangelo Buonarroti, “Genius is eternal patience”.

Therefore, the re-modellers of the space spared no effort seeking out exactly what they needed: they travelled the length and breadth of the country searching for the 200 pieces of metal they required. The flawless sheet metal lines the walls with shelves, while the material remains subtly backlit with hidden LED strip lighting that follows every line and contour in the pharmacy. Although the different surfaces, such as the walls, counter and ceiling, exude an aura of uniformity, the individual geometric shapes differ, each serving a unique aesthetic perspective and functionality. It is quite impossible to imagine how many cables can be concealed in a ceiling made of Zoeliner concrete, an unparalleled material that succeeds in masking its “bulk”.



Photo credits: Panos Kokkinias