Dr. Pharmacy ~ Omonoia




When the new outlook of a space is governed by the unique elegance that manages to serve its functionality through masterful interventions, then a single ceiling with extraordinary plaster cornices succeeds in filling the space with the aristocratic aura of a bygone era.

The flagship DR. PHARMACY is housed in an old hotel dating from 1889, which was designed by renowned architect Ernst Ziller, and everyone who worked on its transformation focused on several different elements, including the scope of the space, the diverse needs of a pharmacy and the aesthetic demands. And they succeeded.

The classic values are highlighted while the tailor-made constructions, innovative approach, original touches (the black metal lift shaft can be seen from the pharmacy), and bold interventions such as the indoor balcony reflect a contemporary architectural conception, design and construction. A skylight installed in the roof in conjunction with a glass staircase allow the light to shine down to the ground floor meeting the demands of the customer – because the human mind always finds a solution when challenged. And each idea leads to new surprises and every surprise contributes the knowledge base for the next test.

Clean lines with parallel surfaces in each dimension and from every perspective dominate a space were the sense of calm and order are essential. Nonetheless, the space comprises elements that resist this rigidity: a ficus plant brings nature inside, a section of the wall remains defiantly uncovered, and brass knobs and friendly lighting warm the entire space.



Photo credits: Vangelis Paterakis