Dr. Pharmacy ~ Ampelokipoi



A space filled with natural light is a gift that begs to be utilised. It’s like collaborations with charismatic people – when you work with them you reinforce, in a way, the unique elements that distinguish them. And that is exactly the case with this pharmacy: the space is bathed in light, and the drawers and furniture are of moderate height, allowing every sunbeam to shine brightly in. The furniture may be low, but it is nonetheless triply clever: visitors can choose one of three places to stand, each of which affords the desired privacy. Not a single detail is left to chance, and even the indoor plants are carefully placed so as to diminish outdoor distractions.

In general, it is easy to discern that the aim was to emphasise the spatial qualities: the airiness, the light, the height, the impact and the accessibility of the space. Therefore, the utilisation of every metre of the walls was a challenge achieved through the installation of the rods on which the shelves are installed, which present a clear aesthetic identity while displaying brands. Moreover, the drawers on either end complement the shelves and offer a large storage space. In this sense, the aesthetic integrity and the lights are consistent with an industrial aspect that proves very easy on the eyes: the wall washers produce a distinctly benevolent optic. The mezzanine is lined with sheet metal that takes on a dual role facilitating the air-conditioning through the use of water jets. Thus, the neon DR. PHARMACY sign doubles as an air vent.

The two materials used for the floor also play a dual role: the warm oak wood, echoed in the drawers, delineates the purposes of the space and concurrently softens the cement, minimising the sense of vastness.



Photo credits: Panos Kokkinias