Quality. Time. Cost.

SOLID, the construction company founded by Periklis and Yannis Dimitropoulos in 2009, specialises in construction project management and technical undertakings, fulfilling unique architectural designs in the most fitting manner. To that end, SOLID offers a wide range of specialised services: project planning, material sourcing, tailor-made constructions, selection of architects, experts and technicians, as well as financial analysis from the detailed planning stage and implementation of the project through the final delivery.

Staying true to its three main principles, SOLID is distinguished by its continued efforts to effectively manage time, cost and quality.

In order to maintain a high level of quality and to exceed the expectations of its discerning customers, SOLID aims to efficiently utilise the talents of every member of the team involved in a project. The company explores innovative ideas and implements customised solutions, all the while embracing the perpetually evolving challenges of infrastructure management. Every project is built to last and the goal is to foresee and prevent issues before they arise.

SOLID is determined to improve performance with every project it undertakes. And as the process is flexible in nature, it demands the appropriate tweaks to achieve the best possible outcome.

“We talk. We dream. We build.”

Periklis and Yannis Dimitropoulos studied Mechanical Engineering at Imperial College, London. They worked at several companies in order to acquire experience and the combined vision to found their own company. SOLID invests in the continuous development of its services and focuses on building relationships rather than ephemeral partnerships. Only a long-term vision with strong foundations leads to a better future. Hold the vision, trust the process.